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What’s in a Name?: talk by Darrell Schramm

Monday 15 May 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

If you’ve ever wondered how or why an historic/heritage rose obtained its name, you may be interested in this talk. Who or what was the original inspiration for these often tantalising names? Were the roses named for celebrities of the past, for particular places or famous events, or for people who were linked personally to the rose breeder? More prosaically, did hard-nosed business play a starring role? If so, did this do the trick and help bring profit for the breeder and lasting fame for the person, place or event – or for the rose? Darrell Schramm will briefly discuss the background or history behind about four dozen old garden roses, and show you beautiful images of them, too. It will be a virtual story time. Pour yourself a cup of tea – or maybe something stronger – and be prepared to be enlightened, amused and entertained.

A teacher and professor for about 45 years, Darrell Schramm taught literature, English composition, poetry, editing, and rhetoric, and is now retired from University of San Francisco. He was born in North Dakota, and has also lived in Colombia, Portugal, and Spain. His publications include a book of poetry and Rainbow: A History of the Rose in California (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017), as well as poetry in more than 100 poetry publications, plus articles in various academic magazines and journals. He is currently editor of Rose Letter for The Heritage Roses Group and of The Vintage Rose for The Friends of Vintage Roses, and American Rose Society Chair for Heritage Rose Preservation, as well as a member of the Historic Rose Group and a regular contributor to the Historic Rose Journal.

This is the fifth in a series of seven online talks on the theme “Roses from the Arctic to Australia” in partnership with the Gardens Trust, with an international slant. Each talk is a live online presentation, chaired by Maeve Heneke, Hon Sec of the HRG, with tickets available at £5 each of £28 for the entire series of seven evenings. Talks start at 6pm and last approx. one hour, with an extra half hour for audience questions to the speaker.

You can buy a ticket here for the entire course of seven sessions for £28.

Or buy a ticket for this individual lecture here for £5.