More historic roses now blooming in Armstrong Park

We’ve had another update from Leo Watermeier of the Friends of Armstrong Park in New Orleans about roses blooming in Armstrong Park. All photos were taken on 18 December.

Arcadia Louisiana Tea – originally found in north Louisiana town of Arcadia

You can never visit Armstrong Park and see all the roses at peak bloom on the same day, but there are definite flushes, especially in the spring and fall/early winter.

There are over 125 different roses, making this one of the largest public collections in the world of old roses that do well in warm climates.

The garden has been a project of the New Orleans Old Garden Rose Society since 1992 in cooperation with the City of New Orleans. No public funds are used.

This past year the club received donations from the Heritage Rose Foundation and the Patio Planters of the Vieux Carre to aid in its care.

Now is a good time to visit because in January the roses will be pruned to prepare for the spring flush.