‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose rises again

Remember earlier this year, when John in Scotland moved his ancient 25-year old “stick” of his ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose? As a result of this renewed attention, a miraculous recovery has been taking place.

John reports:
“My ‘Queen Elizabeth’ has five decent shoots now, and although I had only one flower from the first flush as some beasties nibbled the others, there are a couple more to come. Hopefully the insect attention will only have nipped the tops of the other shoots, and it appears that I may have had some ‘natural’ pruning as there are now signs of new laterals.

“It’s knee-high at present, but with any luck will survive the winter and put on more growth next year, to achieve the expected five feet and dominate the area, rather than get lost against the rambler and the phlox. You must count this as a success story – the result of being reminded of its struggling presence after 25 years!”